My name is Rui Santos-Simoes

I sell my knowledge and expertise


20+ years designing, creating, and selling technology to empower citizens around the world, gives me a unique set of insights on this field.


For me, skills to find new knowledge are as important as having a big body of knowledge to start with. I have both.

People Skills

During my career I’ve had the opportunity to mentor a lot of people both on tecnhology related topics and soft skills as well.

Innovating for inclusivity: A journey in technology and mentorship

Hi there! I’m a seasoned computer scientist with a 20-year journey in automation technologies, specializing in election automation to enhance accessibility and inclusivity for people around the world. 🗳️

My passion? Mentoring. I’m here to guide you with simple, effective techniques and be your accountability partner, helping you achieve your goals. Let’s innovate and grow together!

Customer-centered approach

Years of experience have thaught me that solutions must be focused on people first, systems next.

Work as a team

Let’s understand your needs together and define a realistic set of goals to meet those needs.

However you define success

However you define success, I can help you translate that into realistic goals and actionable tasks.

Customized professional services tailored to your needs

Explore my diverse range of services designed to cater to your specific requirements. Opt for a one-time consulting session where you can tap into my expertise on any topic of your choice.

Need more dedicated support? Consider my monthly retainer service, offering a set number of hours each month, available whenever you need them.

Or, if you’re looking for comprehensive guidance, choose my monthly package, where I’ll not only help you devise a strategic plan but also assist you in executing it to perfection. Let’s collaborate to bring your ideas to life!

Where to find me?

Punta Pacífica. Ciudad de Panamá.